Sleep paralysis (pt 1 how to beat sleep paralysis)

Sleep paralysis (introduction)

Hey everyone from where I am to whatever part of the world your in I' m happy your here and don't worry I'm not a doctor nor am I someone who is going to look at you like your crazy when you talk about your sleep paralysis because I know what your talking about and how it feels, but I have way to help you, actually amazing ways to help your power through this. 

Don't think of it all the time, don't fear sleep, be happy about sleep and have positive thoughts! Create a positive sleep habitat!

Sleep Paralysis and me- Did I suffer from it or did I get it? short answer is- yes! long answer is- yes I still get it from time to time, but its definitely not as frequent. Before I used to get it 3-4 times a week and it was bad an could happen more than once per night. 

I'm not sure how it works for you but when it happened to me I could actually start to tell that it was coming on, and that was probably the worst part. Laying in bed 'awake' not being able to move and feel like there is a pressure on your or you need to move or feel like your falling of a building but can move or you feel very weak and someone or something is after you isn't cool, but guess what!

there is a way to over come it! yep there is! you can actually beat this with a few simple, super easy and believe it or not fun, strategies that I want to share with you!

I hope you have had the opportunity to click through the rest of the site to get a feel for who I am to see that I want to do nothing more than to help you out. First thin first, remove all negativity from your thoughts right now or if that's hard to do make your room a positive happy zone, remove all negativity! What way does your bed face? Did you know that when you face your bed in the 'west' position it actually creates conditions for the best nights sleep. If your able to change the set up of your room and position your bed in such a way that you face to the west you can have an advantage! also the newly arranged area starts your journey to creating a positive sleep habitat!

So what is sleep paralysis- what is it?

Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but you are unable to move, it occurs when you pass between the stages of wakefulness and sleep, and during these times or this 'transition' you may be unable to move or speak for a few seconds up to a few minutes. Some people describe a sense or may feel a sense of choking or pressure on them, usually in the same spot(s)

Does this sound like you? that's okay! yes it really is because we will overcome this! I did so you can too! (stay positive no matter how hard it might be!)

Funny- because I'm writing about this topic I'm probably going to get it now! (hmmmm...maybe over thinking it and focusing on it can cause it? YES it can, when you get into your new sleep habitat make sure its surrounded by positive energy!)

Why does sleep paralysis happen to us (causes) ?

well during Rapid Eye Movement (R.E.M) the mind has vivid dreams, and your muscles are relaxed or essentially turned off. While sleeping we are obviously unable to move so we cant actually act when we are dreaming...sound familiar? So the sleep paralysis actually happens before R.E.M is finished!

Sleep paralysis through studies of doctors prove that sleep paralysis as scary and brutal it might be is actually not dangerous nor does it cause harm to the body...weird to think about when you feel pressure or like you cant breath/choking!...however this might be good news to people who are very concerned about it or people who it occurs to every day and its that no clinical studies show death caused by this! so if you are scared of this happening to you know bad as it is for you there is someone out there who has it worse and we should take a second to think about that and also know that if that's the case it would have happened to them right!?

Is Sleep Paralysis Dangerous? (Did you know?)

- It is not considered to be dangerous or harmful (although it can be terrifying)
- There is way more than 1 way to overcome this without having to tell doctors about it and undergo sleep tests and other uncomfortable methods that can also seem embarrassing (if you think you should see a doctor then you should and not worry what they think.)
- It is actually not considered to be a medical condition AND there are natural ways to overcome this through particular thought processes and natural remedies...we will talk about this again, and I will point out powerful key methods that helped me and others that can help you too!
- About 25% of the earths people have experienced this at one point or another and have on going sleep paralysis.

Interesting Facts about Sleep Paralysis!

  1. Someone who suffers from Sleep Paralysis can also have "hypnologic hallucinations" that they where attacked or feel like they are being attacked in their dreams (this actually used to happen to me sometimes but you need to know its just your sleep paralysis and you can overcome this through realizing what's going on in your sleep which is something that's hard to do but you can achieve it through powerful positive thinking and knowing its actually not bad!...does this sound like you?
  2. U.S sleep foundation and the Canadian Sleep Foundation conducted tests to and actually have proven that it is more common than one would think!
  3. about 40% of both populations have an on going experience of Sleep Paralysis or have experienced it at least once!
  4. Yes! you can OVERCOME THIS. It is not a hard process and doesn't take much time but you have to listen to what I'm going to tell you and make sure you stay up to date on my posts to get all of the information you need and deserve!

I' am going to be very active on this blog and be sure to post at least once per day with ways to over come this and other sleep issues. I want to make sure that I share my experience with everyone and to hopefully help at least one person and if all I can help is one person than I will feel like more work has accomplished something. Not only did I experience Sleep Paralysis but I also had a lot of trouble sleeping and snoring which all of these I now overcame!

Through sharing these experiences with you and everyone else I want to help, Review the good things for sleep that are out there and also tell you what to stay away from! You just took the first step in over coming Sleep Paralysis and I'm going to be posting a second part to this so be sure to follow and sub scribe for more great information and how to beat this stupid thing!

I hope I related to some of you or even ALL OF YOU!

Stay Tuned for more :)


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