No Sleep-Sleep Help and Sleep creativity (pt.1)

No Sleep-Sleep help and sleep creativity (pt.1)

51 sheep, 52 sheep, 53 sheep, 54 sheep ugh, why am I still awake...oh well its only, 3AM!!
we've been there before, everyone reading this has been!

Sleep is so important, one of the most important things we do and it is easier said than done for some of us, and we will show you how sleep is tied to our physical and mental health! Not getting enough sleep can also lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks and aneurisms!

So today I am going to share with you 5 steps to developing a better sleeping ritual for the well rested goodnight sleep we need!

We all know that we feel groggy and slow when we don't get enough sleep, and that is not the only thing that bad sleep has an effect on our bodies, so I will show you 5 Steps that you can start practicing to get that great feeling up lifting sleep.

some nights we all stay awake worrying about that presentation we have to give in the morning, or we think about job interview or bills, and then some nights you just cant get comfortable, and the other nights you seem to fall asleep just fine, but then you wake up every 15 fifteen minutes worrying about if your going to catch the train on time or make it to the highway before rush hour or make it to the bus.

All right so there is no one real easy answer to getting a great nights sleep, for some of us this 5 step process for sleep creativity will help, or for some of us other things will work which I will show you! Don't worry and RELAX, we will get through this the first thing to do is continue reading because your in the right place and I want to share my experience of years of sleeplessness to getting to where I am now, I feel like a guy who has never had a sleep problem ever and I don't snore any more.

So lets figure out this process for GREAT sleep and great sleep creativity!

Step 1. Develop a relaxing bedtime ritual- When you think about it we all learn to sleep by routine! As kids when we were little our parents would help tuck us in, get us that extra glass of water all in the name of good sleep, now that your older your going to have to develop that strategy on your own. Whether its a glass of water or a decaffe coffee 15 minutes before bed or reading a book, of course there are some things that should be kept out of a bed time ritual. don't drink alcohol before bed! It might help you fall to sleep but chances are you will wake up in the middle of the night...Don't exercise any more than 1 hour before bed...sure it will get your blood flowing, but it will amp you up mentally.

Step 2. Maintaining a regular sleep and wake up schedule- now you don't have to wake up at exactly 7:02 and go to bed at exactly 10:53 because that's a bit on the neurotic try to wake up and go to bed at the same time 6 days a week. According to the university doctors at Harvard university this will help set your internal clock so that even on those rare days when your schedule is throw off you can help avoid what doctors call....A sleep hang over.

Step 3. Stop watching your clock- studies show that people who constantly look at their clock in bed are less likely to fall asleep easily...why?...because laying there think oh my god its 11:03 and I have to be up in 6 hours and 57 minutes...stresses you out!!...try to keep some distance from you and that alarm clock that why those blinking numbers will stop talking to you!

step 4. create an optimal sleep environment- a male clinic has shown studies that people sleep better in dark, quiet cool environments. with all the benefits of sleep its worth investing in blackout blinds, comfortable ear plugs and a fan or air-conditioning. the more comfortable you are...the better you will sleep.

Step 5. Unplug- make your bedroom a tech free zone. I know but...research show that electronics interfere with sleep, because its easy to get distracted by them!..checking your email right before bed could ad more stress and watching t.v or movies make it harder to sleep and getting sucked into Facebook or Pinterest could keep you up for hours.

So lets recap. We've told you the negative effect of no sleep or not getting enough sleep...right?...we told you that we could give you 5 steps to better sleep creativity right? we told you that coming up with a sleep ritual and having a routine would be wise too! Also stop watching your clock when your in bed its something that always got to me! Creating an optimal sleep environment and something that started to really help me was the black out curtains with a fan and the cover to go over your eyes. Unplugging is huge! I always checked my email before bed because I'm constantly on it for work and Facebook was just...well Facebook who doesn't like snooping around! Maybe that's why snoop dog is called snoop dog?

I also included some links to help you find those necessities to building that perfect sleep habitat and you can buy them for so cheap, here are the ones i use(black out curtains) and they are very awsome to helping with my sleeping habitat, the I (eye mask) bought...Yep this is them to they are awsome and feel cool on your face...they do come with earplugs which i never use because i didn't like the thought of not hearing anything but there in there if you want them to use...
And if you want a fan I'm sure you could find one. buying all 3 of these things cost me a little less than 40 dollars and it really started to change how I slept and I hope it helps for you too!

I also have more tips which I will share in the part 2 version at another date!!  Take care everyone and try to get some good sleep and enjoy your new stuff if you get it!!

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