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How to stop snoring

If your looking to stop snoring now whether it is for the sake of your partners sanity or for yours, you have come to the right place. I'm going to show you tips that have helped me stop snoring and also show you some remedies for snoring in the next part to this 3 part series (might go to 4, we will see how spacing works I don't want to bore you!)

1. Have you considered changing your sleep position? sometimes a full length body pillow is just what you need because it will support your entire body not only making you feel more comfortable but " it enables you to maintain sleeping on your side and can make a dramatic difference" Another way to stop yourself from lying on your back takes me back to medieval times but it works for some people and that's tapping tennis balls to the back of your pajamas...sounds crazy but of course this is something that we don't actually want to do...because it will cause back pain!...

2.Avoid alcohol because is reduces the resting tone of the muscles in the back of your throat, making it more likely that you will snore. drinking 4 to 5 hours before sleeping makes snoring much worse...I'm sure your partner agrees with you. People who don't normally snore will snore when they drink.

3. open your nasal passages, and the reason we say that is, "imagine a narrow garden hose with water running through it. the narrower the hose, the faster the water rushed through. Keeping nasal passages free and clear can help and maybe its a simple nasal strip that does the trick! In the next page I will refer you to the best links for the easiest on the wallet and most effective remedies you can try to save your partners sanity or to save your partner from snoring!

4. if your not into body pillows than maybe a nice brand new pillow for support will be just what you prefer, and not only that it will help...a pillow that offers great support that can keep your head straight and your neck/throat and body aligned will help limit or stop snoring because everything will be nice and open just like the importance of keeping you nasal area open and clear!

5. Snore Strap is one of the best methods once you have your nasal area open and clear as it helps you breath through your nose and actually trains you to continue breathing through your nose. they are an awsome little system that can assist the most aggressive snorlax!

6. read my other posts about sleep creativity! Another great addition to stop snoring is sleep hygiene and creating an environment that your very comfortable in and that you feel relaxed in. Did you know that snoring can be caused by stress and it can also be cause by weight, taking the extra 5 minute walk after supper or walking the dog a bit further, and even the usual stroll after checking the mail are some great ways to get some extra exercise in or even some new exercise methods!

Small extra tip-sometimes when your pillow is a good firm one it could just be dust mites and putting them in the dryer for a quick air fluff will be all they need...something to try if you just bought new FIRM pillows"

So if your looking for a remedy to work for you I will list them bellow with an explanation of what they do and how you can actually purchase the item for yourself now! I will include links to get you where you want to be!

1. The Anti snore pillow is a u shaped pillow with an indent that your ear rests in there are other versions you will be able to look at too if you don't like this one but the reason I recommended it to you is because its the anti snore pillow and is the one you see all the great reviews on! Again this method may not work for you, but it works unbelievably well for a lot of people. If you needed a new pillow anyways click the link to buy it for yourself or spouse. If you buy it for your spouse introduce it nicely!

2. The anti snore strap is by far a great candidate! It helps keep the mouth closed (no forcing at all!) by applying gentle pressure and helping you breath through your nose! It is actualy designed to provide the proper alignments of your jaw which helps with proper airflow and is designed to help stop snoring in its tracks on the first night you use it! did you know that it is also used for helping with dysfunctional sleep! If you think this is the remedy for you then all you need to do is click the link I left for you and your set to go!

3.anti snore nose vents actualy help you to stop snoring naturally and have goo reviews by the looks of it! I don't have any experience with them but again the research and reviews I have done on the seem to look good and if you have had a good experience with them then go for it and click the link!

I hope and I'm sure the option you click will work great for you and I would love to know if our tips and advice helped you in making a great decision! Enjoy the future and benefits of not snoring and enjoy getting that deep sleep you deserve and waking up feeling refreshed and and positively energized. For extra sleep tips and reviews to help you with your sleeping creativity continue to follow me and stay in the know!


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