Sleepy's- 5 Steps to fall asleep fast

Sleepy's- 5 Steps to fall asleep fast

There are many different ways to fall asleep and to fall asleep fast. Some work great for "some" people and others not so great for "some" people, the trick is to finding which one will work best for your needs! I will show you the top most popular 5 that worked for me and work for other people, and I hope you get great results from this!

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Okay all the click are out of the way so here we go!

How to fall asleep fast- 5 popular tips

Breathing Exercise- 

1. Breath in through your nose for 4 seconds.
2. Hold for 5-6 seconds, which ever is more comfortable with you.
3. breath out through your mouth trying to make the exhalation last for a period of 8 seconds.
4. Repeat this process if it is comfortable for you, until you fall asleep!

Reverse Psychology (a favorite of mine)- instead of laying in bed, and focusing on your alarm clock thinking to yourself...oh man its 2am and I have to be at work it 6 hours...and instead of trying your darn hardest to fall asleep. Instead tell your self you have plenty of time (shouldn't be focusing on the alarm clock at all but if you feel the need to tell yourself you have lots of time) and try to stay awake. I found this one got me sometimes!

Hypnotise yourself into a nice refreshing deep sleep. If pretending someone with a pocket watch swinging back in forth is what you come up with stop....because that is creepy....and try again because that isn't the right method. The right method or a good way to achieve this is #1 you need to be receptive to the idea, if your believe its possible and welcome the thought of hypnotization than this will work great for you I'm sure! There is a lot of content on you tube about hypnotizing your self into a deep sleep and if you think this is hog wash you may way to think again. There was a study conducted at the university of Zurich and Fribourg and they would beg to differ! 
They conducted a study in 2014 on the subject that ended with results saying hypnosis can work. If they promise the quality of sleep than maybe its worth a shot right?

This one may take a bit of time but practice your relaxation techniques! this one is great if you find you have some anxiety.

1. Practice good relaxation techniques.
2. Get into a regular sleep routine (I go over this on my 1 week challenge)
3. schedule some idle time before bed.
4. like I usually preach, Cut out the time spend with electronics before bed and especially in bed. 
5. Watch your caffeine and alcohol intake!
6. Don't or try very hard not to focus  or dwell on anxiety or emotional thoughts that are keeping you from falling asleep! Hence no electronics, not to mention the blue light they emit which energizes your brain is in huge amounts!

The last one is a freebie! It may not be available yet but I will let you know about it in advance! Watch for the post I'm going to be putting out about hypnosis. I'm actually going to write a paragraph of hypnosis verbage and would love to know your response, thoughts on it and if it worked for you. Its funny I feel sleepy right now but I shouldn't be, Its the middle of the day!
When I finish the post on hypnosis I will Place the link right here. So if you see any blue writing right here than you've found it. If not don't worry it will be here soon!!

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