Russian sleep experiment-Interesting story (pt1)

The Russian sleep experiment

So I'm not sure who knows about this story, I do think its interesting in ways and wanted to share it with everyone because I think its a great way for us to share thoughts on some of the things that have happened in history and it could perhaps provide you with some reading material if your having are hard time with sleeping and need something to take your mind off sleep.

Before I get into the story which is a very strange one there is a lot of speculation on this story whether its true or not and ill explain all the reason why people say its not, why people say it is, and ill share my stories on it too.

Let the story begin (might be spooky in say your warned.)

So in the early 1940's during the WW2 time frame there was a team of Russian researchers who decided it would be a good idea to take 5 prison inmates and conduct a sleep experiment on them! Sleep wasn't what they had in mind though, their idea was to see how long a human could go without sleep and what would happen as time went on without sleep!
The Russian researchers put the inmates into an air tight chamber and used a gas that had never been tested before on the inmates pumping this gas into the chamber where the inmates where held.

The chamber that the inmates were in was in the shape of a circle with a series of beds and a large circular partition was in the centre of the room. The researchers had secret 2 way mirrors in the room but they were only on one side of the room so if the inmates went to the opposite side of the circular partition in the middle of the room they would not be seen!

The gas that was pumped into the room was used to prevent them from sleeping, and during the stay in this chamber all conversations where being monitored by the researchers and of course they where watching through the secret 2 way mirrors.

For the first few days things seemed to be fine and conversations that the inmates where having seemed to be just like any other day!

On the fifth day things got a little weirder when the inmates started to show signs of stress, and they started to become paranoid and eventually stopped talking to each other on this but instead where very awkwardly whispering to one another in a way that clearly displayed distrust and skepticism! 

the 9th day screaming came blaring through the thin glass from the chamber but the researches weren't able to see what was going on because the inmates had position themselves behind the large circular partition in the middle of the room. The researchers skin crawled when the inmates started running around and screaming so loudly that they nearly broke their vocal chords and veins were bulging from their necks! Then........all of a sudden things got very quiet in the chamber and things where dead quiet.

The researchers expecting and most definitely fearing the absolute worst they announced over the speaker in the chamber, telling the inmates that they were preparing for entry into the room and as they were getting up from their chairs a voice responded from one of the inmates saying ever so quietly "we no longer want to be freed"

Things go weirder and weirder and now the inmates weren't talking at all and there was no sign of them at all because they weren't moving from the partition in the room! the only reason the researchers knew things were still moving along was because they could hear the inmates cough or shift there positions from one spot to another every few seconds. 

Its day 15 and its the day when the researchers replaced the stimulant gas with fresh oxygen and things unexpectedly became extremely chaotic. the researchers noticed an inmate was dead! The other inmates had been severely mutilated and flesh torn off their bodies and stuffed into the drain. The researchers insisted they get help, while the inmates refused and declined all help the researchers tried to use force to get them to leave and the researchers where overwhelmed by the unexpected power the men had after being hurt and awake for so long. The inmates furiously fought being removed and where quickly given anesthetic. One inmate even pulled a muscle in the scuffle!

When the inmates woke, the researches asked them a string of questions, one being "why did you hurt yourselves" the inmates replied "I must stay awake!" , oddly enough each inmate said the same thing!

The researchers feeling bad among other things at this point i would assume, wanted to shoot the inmates and hide all traces of the inmates from Russia and the rest of the world. The commanding officer of the experiment lost control and demanded that the experiment resumes as planned for mother Russia, and closed the door now locking the researchers in along with the inmates who where over coming sedation!

The lead researcher was now terrified and shot the commanding officer through the two way glass and the last two inmates, followed by him laying down in a corner in the chamber and shutting the lights off.


Read part 2 for the truth to this madness. Just so you know they say this story is fake some say its true, so the next part will cover what both sides are saying and ill voice my opinion on it.

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