Russian sleep experiement- the truth about it (pt.2)

The Russian Sleep Experiment and The Truth

So just to start off I don't want anyone to think I'm always intrigues by strange stories like this! It was one that happened to pop up into my head when I was reading my book and thought I would share it with you because its something that kind of always stuck with me and freaked me out a bit. I have a much happier, cool and motivating story which is what I'm normally into but ill share that another time!!

So lets dive in!!

Most people say this story is a load of B.S and say its a creepy camp fire story that started, just like the one about slender man did. This story in particular originated back in 2010 on "Wiki Creepy Pasta" Which I've never heard of before. I'm not sure if anyone who is reading this has heard of it but its news to me!

2010 seems to be soo long ago, wow! lol

Some people say its true because back in the WW2 era the Germans where conducting some strange experiments with humans and actually conducted something similar in hopes of creating a "supper soldier"

So In my opinion it is 100% possible that it could have happened, because the Russians were obviously fighting the Germans and wanted to keep up with them and obviously not be left out of the finding of the supper soldier!
There are so many grey areas though that lead me to believe its a fake story, Like maybe something similarily strange occurred over, and kind of like broken telephone by the time it gets to us, its been contorted and convoluted into something totally different, and upside down?
But who knows for sure right? someone somewhere would have known but keep it quiet. My hopes are that it is not true and its just a "camp fire story" because for people to do something like this, and think this up must not be dealing with a full deck of cards!


On a more positive note I again just wanted to say why I shared this story with you guys. I think every needs a shot of adrenaline once and a while, not only that but when I was reading my book i for some reason remembered this story and thought it would be a way to jump into something that isn't going to be all about sleep, snoring and other sleepy things!

another reason I decided I would do a post on this is because I am hopping that it will create conversation and break people out of there shell! I would really love to see peoples comments and questions of their thoughts etc! Means a me anyhow!!

My next post will be coming out tomorrow and I promise it to be much more positive than this one, its going to be about

A little about me
about the blog
the direction the blog is going to be heading
and a little bit of an outline as far as posts go and what to expect!

I hope you all enjoyed this and share your opinions whether its by email or commenting!
Stay tunned for much happier posts! lol

Take care everyone and thank you for reading my material and supporting me!

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