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Hello everyone, today if you haven't had a chance to view the rest of the site I would like to tell you about my snoring solution that worked for me. I was a snorlax for years and at a young age too, and this doesn't apply to just someone in my age group it applies to everyone! First I just want to share some information with you on snoring!

Problems with snoring

- you wake up with a dry mouth
- You can snore so loud it wakes you and your partner up!
- Its loud and can be embarrassing!
- You can actually be at risk for developing serious health problems including obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea creates a few problems

1. Interruption of breathing lasting a few seconds up to a few minutes
2. partial or total blockage of your air ways
3. having to use a machine at night when your sleeping to help you breath and to make sure if there is a blockage you still have the ability to breath.

What is snoring caused by?

So the same goes for both males and females- when we are awake we don't snore. Snoring is abnormal and is caused by some degree of obstruction in your breathing. "specifically, snoring is caused by the narrowing of the throat when you sleep, because the reflexes that keep your throat open relax while you get your shut eye.
Obstruction of air ways can be caused by nasal or throat deformities, such as an excessively long pallet or uvula (the pendant shaped tissue at the back of your throat.) or a deviate nasal septum. In children enlarged tonsils often cause snoring.
Health risks involved would be interruptive sleep apnea which is when you stop breathing in your sleep...a parent of mind suffers from this, and all because he didn't do anything about his snoring, now he requires a machine to breath while sleeping instead of just using something to prevent him from snoring...very important...there are easy solutions.

Do anti-snoring mouth pieces work?

"Anti-snoring mouth pieces" are often bought from and special fitted by a dentist, which is very expensive and takes a considerable amount of time to actually even get, because you need to wait for it to be built once the dentist takes his/her measurements of your mouth they get sent out and the piece is then built for you. However they do actually do a few things to help you stop snoring and there are universal pieces for much much cheaper.

- it uses/applies pressure against your tounge to prevent it from moving to the back of your throat
- it will assist in jaw stabilization in the case of a receding jaw
- it will push your jaw forward, or advance the jaw forward naturally opening the mouth

How do you sleep when your partner is snoring?

1. Go to be before the snoring partner.
2. Sew a tennis ball to the back of their pajamas to prevent them from laying on their back.
3. Record their snoring for them to hear. 
4. Buy them an anti snoring Head band/strap or a universal mouth piece.
5. Try using a white noise machine.
6. Wear ear plugs until they decide to take care of their snoring.
7. Ask them if they are ready to stop snoring?

Fact- Some people undergo surgery to overcome snoring and it only reduces habitual snoring, it doesn't not completely stop snoring (no guarantee.) They surgery takes place on the throat where they scrape and cut out certain parts of the throat and pallat. Can you imagine the pain, suffering, cost, loss of work you go through in doing this and not even to be guaranteed your free of the problem. Did you know that this surgery will cost an average of 3500-4000 dollars!

How common is snoring?

Any person can snore it doesn't matter your age or size however there are certainly factors that contribute to it!
- Excessive weight.
- Alcohol (sorry).
- viral Illness.
Even some medications can cause snoring. Usually when people think of snoring they think of a large man with a thick neck. A thin woman with a small neck can snore too, and just as loud as anybody else. In general as people get older and as they gain wait, snoring will worsen!

Have you tried to naturally stop snoring by using these methods? (with no result?)

1. Change sleep position?
2. Lose weight?
3. Avoid alcohol?
4. Practiced good sleep hygiene (sleep routine)?
5. Tried our one week challenge (for free, and its outlined in our site on creative sleep post, to help with sleep and snoring.)?
6. Open nasal passages (nasal/breath right strips.)?
7. Changed pillows (have you tried a snore pillow?)
8. Staying hydrated?

And ended up still snoring and your ready to stop snoring and your spouse wants you to or wants to stop snoring and stop snoring now? When I couldn't sleep and I had issues with snoring as I have talked about on this site I used the anti snoring head strap/band with nasal strips. The reason I used the nasal strips is because I am a bit of a hypochondriac and though I wouldn't be able to breath but they did make things a lot nicer!
My fiancĂ© was a lot happier because I didn't sound like a Stihl chainsaw buzzing at 2 or 3 in the morning! The thing that was really great about this particular combination is obviously its cheaper than the dentist mouth piece and a lot more comfortable than having a hunk of plastic in your mouth at night plus the thought of losing or breaking a 3000 dollar piece to stick out of my mouth wasn't to appealing either..."I know I didn't like the sounds of that" combination is comfortable and it stopped me from letting my mouth hang open and snoring to occur. 
After using the strap for around a months time I was finding I could use it less or sometimes not at all, " I'm thinking that it helped me get used to being comfortable with breathing through my nose and sleeping with my mouth closed" If i do eat a very heavy meal or consume alcohol I know i need to wear it our the house will be kept awake!

I was a little reluctant to wear it when she bought it for me but once I tried it one I was pretty impressed because it was comfortable, and its not binding I was still able to open my mouth if I tried too. The best part is its a lot cheaper than other routes you don't know will work and best of all it did and still does work!

Major benefits for me were

- Its comfortable to wear and i got used to it pretty quick
- It helped me get to sleep and stay asleep because I wasn't snoring (which woke me up on occasion.)
- saved me embarrassment when guests where over visiting.
- Its not at all expensive and is probably better than expensive painful surgery or a crazily expensive dentist piece
- once you get used to it its basically like sleeping with a shirt on or off, it just becomes normal by the second or third night.
- I found it well reviewed when I did the research on it
- I 100% recommend this to anyone considering it or looking for a cheap remedy that works!

I have included the link for the exact one I used. snore strap
ill put one for the nasal strips I used. looks like they have both on for cheap.
Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Big News and Updates

Well everyone I have a lot of exciting news coming up and if you just bear with me I will make sure to spill the beans. I have a lot of updates for you and and up coming events for the Blog and I am excited to share all of the information with you all.

So I hope everyone has been enjoying the content so far. We did veer of a little topic a little bit but sometimes being dead on point all of the time can get stale and I don't want everyone to get bored.

First before we get right into everything I want to do a shout of to all of my followers and future followers including everyone who visits and re-vists the post and let you all know that I am very thank full for all of your support and the fact that you stop by to see what's new is humbling. 

A little about me

So I know I told you all about me as far as trouble sleeping goes but I decided I will take the wall down and let you all know a little more about me, since I feel more comfortable writing to you all now (still nervous with You Tube). So here is the all about me, or atleast a little more for now: just a quick note, if you don't want to hear about this section just scroll down a bit to where you see "My plan for this Blog and my commitments to you all."

So if you haven't heard me say it yet, my name is Steve and I'm 27 years old and I a place where there is a lot of no not Russia haha...Ill let you guys take a guess, it is close to Alaska, and the rest is up to your imagination for now! I' am engaged and I have a daughter and a German Shepherd! I love my family and for those of you who don't have kids yet or are planning on having kids I want to hear about it because it is one of the best things that could possibly happen to you, the scariest part of parenting is when your in the hospital having the baby...but we wont go into I said a little off topic lol...I also wanted you all to get a feel for who I' am, I feel like I'm being professional in my informational posts and don't want you all to get the wrong vibe about me or thing I'm a dong!

Right now I'm between job, I worked as a General Manager and Consultant for a freight company in my area and me and a few other employee's were "re-structured" unfortunately and now here I'am! funny how things have a way of happening. 

I started blogging because it is something I have always wanted to do and I really enjoy working with people and helping people, and not occupying my time and making sure I'm 100% busy all the time I get bored and decided now would be a great time to go full force with my blog because I have the opportunity to help people and work with people while making sure I stay 100% busy! When I was younger I wanted nothing more than to be a cop, and worked a security job in the city near me and managed  to be a supervisor quite fast and decided there was something about that job that didn't feel right to me. I don't have a problem with police at all however there are some that I do have an issue with because they abuse their power and go to great lengths in my opinion to destroy a persons credibility. I know that's a sensitive topic to bring up and talk about and I don't want anyone to miss understand and think I'm bashing all police men and women because that is totally not the case, I just dislike the not so good ones, so I got into business and did well. 

The reason I loved being in sales was I had a polar opposite approach of most sales men/women. Your typical sales person will show up to your home or business, or you meet up with them at a dealership as an example but they all seem to have this desire to talk, talk, talk, and throw up all over you and not really engage you as a person. Or they just push you, I had a more laid back relaxed approach and applied the 70/30 rule meaning the customer gets to talk 70 percent of the time and I talk 30 percent of the time and better make sure I say something of value! I'm not a Donald Trump or Bill Gates nor am I implying they worked like that but I consider myself to be ethical and have integrity so I'm not going to try and bluff someone into a service or product they don't need or something I don't know about which is what always drove me nuts!

Being a General Manager on top of everything else was such a great experience. Its funny because when someone hears you say General Manager I think people envision a jerk in a suit and again I was the total opposite of that. I was always there for my team and had a great relationship with my team from office members to operational members I cared about and treated everyone the same and wanted everyone to do well, I believe people make mistakes and people are humans, we aren't robots and cannot be perfect all of the time no matter how much we may want to be perfect it just isn't feasible, and if it is for you then I would love to meet you and have a conversation!

So that's enough about me for now, I don't want to tie up this whole post talking about me!

My Plans For This Blog and My Commitment To You

- Build a more 'in-depth' 1 week challenge
- Build a 1 month challenge for those who took part in and enjoyed the 1 week challenge and for those who enjoy the 1 month challenge I will build a 1 year challenge
- To release and update you all with great content
- Provide you with up dates on the best remedies and do in-depth explanations on them.
- Finish building the hypnosis post and video.
- Engage with you all and see what you all want and what you like! I really would love for people to get involved.
- Top 5 posts and FAQ posts, Tips on various sleep topics and more.
- Answer all questions and comments as they come in. 
- I will post my email so you all can get in touch if you choose. 
- Post random facts, news, blog updates, and random news updates every now and then.

I hope this was useful for you all and it gave you a little idea of who I 'am and what I'm about ya know. As far as proving insight into what the blog is going to be doing I hope it sounds good to you all and if anyone has interest in providing a few ideas on other topics I could cover please feel free to give me a comment or an email and I will be happy to implement 5 of the first 10 ideas that come through!

I will be doing a few updates over the course of the weekend so make sure you watch out for them and stay tuned. I'm going to try and get a you tube video out tomorrow as well so we can really be sure to tie everything in and get everything out there to you all!

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