Sleep hypnosis

Incredible sleep hypnosis information you may find intriguing

Have you ever wondered what sleep hypnosis is and if its something you should be doing for the better sleep and the better of your well being? If you happened to know more about this type of a natural remedy will it intrigue you, and help you decide if sleep hypnosis is right for you?

What is sleep hypnosis

sleep hypnosis is when your in a state of hypnosis, your awake and curious but focusing on something so intently that your in an alerted very relaxed state of mind. Therapists sometimes use hypnosis to help patients become more susceptible to changing unhealthy habits (such as smoking) or as a therapeutic strategy to help reduce pain or mood disorder, anxiety, depression gastrointestinal
disorders and other health problems or illness. Hypnosis can be also used to help people sleep better especially people with chronic sleep disorders.

So how does sleep hypnosis improve sleep?

If your having trouble with sleep like insomnia or not being able to sleep, hypnosis may be just what you need to get better sleep. Hypnosis allows your mind and body to relax, and let go of stress and anxiety when you have troubles like sleeping or insomnia. if you struggle with insomnia and even sleep walking, hypnotic suggestion may help train your body to wake up when your feet hit the floor when sleeping. The natural sleep foundation even says hypnosis may boost the amount of time you spend in a deep sleep by up to 80 percent and that deep sleep aids in better memory, deeper sleep and feeling restored and positive in the morning.

What is involved in hypnosis?

well like we said before the swinging pendulum isn't required for you to enter a deep hypnotic state. Rather you'll listen to a person, or read a persons verbal cues to help you draw into a trance like state of mind, tuning out your surroundings your hypnotizer may softly whisper soothing quiet words or write soothing, easy words for you to consume and digest. You'll feel relaxed, even through your mind will be in a state of deep concentration and focus. People who benefit from hypnosis may notice results only after a few readings or sessions, perhaps on YouTube? About a quarter or 25% of the population cannot be hypnotized at all. You need to be open minded and receptive to the idea while curious and interested on the approach for it too work perfectly for you.

If hypnosis doesn't work then what do I do?

If sleep hypnosis isn't for you, no need to worry because it may not work if you have already tried it before or don't really believe in it, and that is okay because there are other excellent methods to get to sleep, which will boost your sleep quality. These include regular exercise even if its only around the block (but not exercising before bed), avoid caffeine, afternoon naps, avoiding hunger or extreme fullness before bed, lowering stress, making your bedroom safe, and dark , and silent avoiding tobacco, alcohol and caffeine several hours before bed and using a white noise machine. Or perhaps not involving one, I know personally I prefer not to use these systems because it keeps my fiancé awake and sometimes they become overbearing however some people do enjoy them and if you do I will do some research on them and post a link for one in another post down the road!

If you have any questions on this method or want to know more please do not hesitate to get in contact with me whether its through the comment section or through email. your more than welcome to email me through the site or through google plus!

If I get a good response for this I will make sure I have the hypnosis writing for sleeplessness up by Friday or Saturday for you to read. This will be the only exception to the no cell phone rule in bed! I know every enjoys having their cell phones close to them but they are a source of excitement and revv up our brains. 

In closing I know I mentioned that there will be a second part to this post, however tomorrow I am going to be posting about the direction we are going to be taking the blog in the next few weeks, our commitments to you readers, an in depth synopsis about me, why I blog, upcoming topics for you to stay tuned on and to follow up on, and the use full tips that you will be able to come back and refer too!

Just wanted to say again thank you all so much for following and viewing the site. Every view is special too me and would love nothing more than to have people come out and comment on our material and email me! Love you all and sleep your best and feel refreshed.

P.S for those of you reading this before midnight, Happy Valentines Day!

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