How can i sleep with back pain- get help now

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Top tips and remedies for getting to sleep with back pain now!

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Lets dive right in on this second part of sleeping with back pain. As we all knw sleeping with back pain is difficult and sometimes getting out of bed in the morning after trying to sleep is worse then going to sleep with back pain. Just putting your socks on in the morning can be hard, so how do we overcome this without expensive doctor visits or expensive prescriptions for people who do not have health insurance? Well there are many different ways to do this and don't fall victim to a lot of the non sense on the internet where people through out miss leading ways on how to help subside the back pain!

So in the last post we went over some stretches and other ways to overcome or help subside the back pain, but what are more ways to help?

Well we left off in the first post on back pain talking about remedies out there that are natural. There are so many natural remedies out there for back pain but what is the right one for you when it comes to back pain? In this post I will review the top 5 remedies for back pain along with 5 other methods that help with back pain bringing us to a total of 10 tips for lower back pain help!

These are unfortunately not cures but merely tips and tricks to help with the back pain issue. Sometimes to help with back pain there are surgeries out there to help fix the issues. 

1. Natural remedies for back pain

- As odd as this first method may sound I'm sure its pretty obvious and not only will it help with lower back pain but it will help with other aches and pains you might face in a day or at night when your sleeping or trying to sleep. We all know that a cars engine needs oil in order for it to run and now break down. What happens when an engine is run out of oil is catastrophic, reason is it does not have the lubricant required to coat  all of the internal moving parts to keep them cool, operating smoothly and most importantly lubricated. Water in a human is the most important thing and it is actually a lubrication in our bodies for our muscles and other moving parts within our bodies. Without drinking water we can get cramps in legs, arms, hands, and other parts of our bodies including our back. Did you know that there are many different muscles and bones in our back and there are many different nerves and cartilage in our backs, all requiring lubrication. Not drinking enough water can cause pain in our backs and other parts of our bodies and smoking can also cause disk degeneration which would require a surgery to fix! Stop smoking or cut back and start drinking  a lot more water...stay hydrated!...

- Omega 3 (fatty acids) are another great remedy for back pain. The adequate dose of Omega 3 fish oil to the diet can helps people reduce their need for a medication, or in some cases, eliminate their need for pain killers and other prescription drugs all together. The problem with some prescription drugs for back pain is they keep you awake at night or they give you very strange and vivid dreams! Another benefit to Omega 3 fish oils is that our cells can use the supplement to reduce inflammation without the body experiencing harmful side effects. Omega 3 is actually able to relieve pain and the best part is that omega 3 is natural!

-  Glucosamine/chondroitin is thought about in a way that differs from other remedies. It can be used to treat arthritis and inflammations and the supplements have very few to no side effects, however they do not offer the desired pain releif for all people. Some people it works well for and others it doesn't.

- Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)- For some getting more sulfur in our diet is important, whether or not you are suffering from chronic back pain, adding the supplement MSM to you daily diet can help alleviate your chronic back pain. MSM stands for methyl-sulfonyl-methane and is a naturally occurring sulfur found in animals, plants and humans. It can be manufactured into a pill form or even a topical gel to help provide daily dosage in the correct amount. To date MSM is proven to be non toxic!

- Vitamin B12 is typically known as a supplement or a vitamin that can amp up your energy throughout the day but can help you rest at night. It also helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA. A 2000 study on vitamin B12 and lower back pain found that taking this vitamin may help ease back pain too!

2. A daily routine is another big help for back pain. I'm not saying traveling to work and back home to make supper eat then go to bed routine, I'm talking about a quick 10-20 minute exercise to complete every night before bed. You don't need to go for a run or hit the weights because as we talked about in other posts you will just revv up your mind/thoughts! The exercise I'm talking about is stretching and almost like a yoga type of exercise but just some simple basic stretching which will help release endorphins in our bodies. Not only is the stretching for back pain going to help but release the endorphins in your body is better than taking any type of supplement or pain medication!

3. A great under pad is sometimes a great way to create comfort in your bed. Not only are you more comfortable but laying on your back when you have a really good under pad is awsome for alignment and creating a comfortable sleep habitat. It helps you to become more comfortable when your in bed but also when your trying to get comfy by moving around it limits the movement on your partners side of the bed which will help them stay asleep too! If your interested in creating a healthy positive sleep environment for your room and make sure your room is the best sleep environment read my other post on this by clicking here. also if your looking for one of the best under pads on the market for much cheaper than the stores sell them for I have included a link here for one! Memory foam pad

4. Don't lay on your stomach, No matter how difficult it may be for some people try to get in the habit of sleeping on your back! Sleeping on your back helps you make sure your getting the best alignment possible when your sleeping to avoid discomfort when you wake up in the morning and to help with back pain this is one of the best practices for when your sleeping. When you sleep on your stomach you are going against the natural way your body moves and when your mattress isn't a good quality mattress or its starting to wear out, you will really want to be sure to try practicing sleeping on your back, and make sure you have a good pillow for yourself!

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5. So if none of these methods help your back pain for sleep, and you want to avoid taking prescriptions for pain or sleep offered to you by your doctor than another great method for helping you with your back pain is an inversion table that you can lay on and what it does is helps with spinal decompression. A lot of people with back pain that want to help subside of be free of the pain naturally will turn to these inversion tables. It is a great tool to look at and practice to get into right before you go to bed. Using an Inversion Table consistently can be a great option for you and if used correctly and on a regular basis can help you immensely!

For more information on sleeping with back pain make sure you see the first part of this two part series and also make sure to view the other posts on sleep methods on this site to get valuable information and tips on how to get a great nights sleep and how to start creating your healthy sleep environment/habitat! 

I hope these tips for natural ways to help back pain for sleep help you out and I would love to hear how this helped you should you incorporate one of these methods into your routine to help with back pain! If snoring is an issue be sure to read my post on my snoring solution for you! if your interested in sleep creativity and how to build that healthy sleep habitat make sure you read my post on sleep creativity!

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