Cant sleep- Read this and be inspired

What keeps you up at night

So whats keeping you awake at night? is it the bills ? are you out of a job? are you looking for ways to make money because there are some new added expenses in your life?

Why? these are things you cant stay awake wondering about? you cant just sit there and think about how bad things might be because you don't have any money! you need to be awake because your thinking about ways to come above things that are holding you down and conquering them!

I'm not talking about just thinking about them and wishing you could do them. Any human being is capable of anything at any point in life but its up to you to decide if your going to do it or not! its up to you if your going to put that plan on paper and then get it into motion.

So you have a plan and you wrote it down on paper, well that's good but its not good enough! You need to do more and you can do more but how much more are you willing to do! Are you willing to stay up a little bit later to make sure that plan is ready to be executed and your ready to be you best!

Don't settle for anything less than what you are! don't settle for anything less than what you are! you are what you think and whatever you think you are is going to be written all over your face! If you just think your an average joe and your not going to make it then that is how your going to operate and how people will perceive you because that's how you think.

If you think your great and you think you can do anything and get anything then your going to get there and you will get there faster than anyone else. In every business there is a supervisor, there is a manager, there is a general manager and so on and so on. Why are there so many people that are just working at entry level positions. Maybe inside their hearts they care but they don't act like they care, they don't go and be above and beyond, they don't bring their extra ideas to the table, they don't stay at work later than everyone else and get there earlier than everyone. They just hope. 

we are all allowed to hope and we are all allowed to be free, so if money is what's keeping you awake at night then why are you going to only hope and your right is to be free. your right to freedom also allows you to feel free financially and allows you to feel free to sleep when it comes time for bed. 

You don't need to worry, part of being free is being able to feel however you want and if your chosing to feel 'worry' than that's fine but why? Why sit there and choose to worry when you can sit there and choose to worry about what your next move or purchase is. 

You cant let small things get the better of you. men and women faught vicouis wars to allow us to be free and to allow us to do what ever we want, we live in the land of opportunity and we all have the right to make as much money we want and to choose any field to make that money we want. 

Don't fall victim to stress and pressure, be the one to rise above it. Take little steps and constant steps, eventualy those little steps turn into big steps and big constant steps and from there you see surges and spikes not only in your financial health but in your personal health.

Stop laying awake at night worrying about something small when there is something big to be had by everyone. Now is your time to start whether your a teenage or whether your 100 we all have opportunity and we are all good at something and its time to start being perfect at whatever we are good at on a whole new other level to attain that financial freedom and get what we deserve and want.

I started writing blogs to help people but also I want to build an empire online and earn a living. Everyone says I'm crazy and its not going to happen. That's fine and they can say whatever they would like to say but its not true...I might be dyslexic and not the best when it comes to grammar but I don't care. I will continuously get better and I will continuously chase my dream of helping people and building an online empire. Its been a dream of mine and something I will do and whenever someone says to me that it cant be done, I know that in my heart I will prove them wrong and one point! 

The point of this is to not worry, the other point is to get out there and start earning more if you awake and stressed out at night because of money. There is a ton of money out there for you and you need to start fighting to get your share and the share you want. You can have as much money or as little money as you want and the only way your going to get as much as you want is if you starting going hard everyday to get the money you deserve!

Stop laying awake and star getting to sleep and dreaming about your plan and honing your plan and creating your plan and putting your plan into motion and working your plan and continue to repeat this process to make this plan of yours the best plan that's better than anyone elses plan and get to where you want to be in life so that the only thing that keeps you awake is the excitement of your next move and how perfect and how much better that next move is going to be!

I want you all to be apart of this jouney with me, I want you all to follow me, I want you all to share your journey with me. I want us all to get want we want and I want us all to get what we deserve and to loose that little man attitude and start thinking big league because you cant put fear in the bank!

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