5 Tips for sleep and back pain releif today

Back pain not letting me get to sleep!

These 2 things do not go well together at all. Is your lower back bothering you? No matter what way you toss or turn you cant find the sweet spot to help you sleep? That's okay, your in the right spot and I will show you 5 tips to help with the pain. My name is Steve and hope that you find this information useful!

This bed is not comfortable as I thought Lower Back Pain is probably the most uncomfortable type of discomfort and its worse when you go to bed and especially waking up in the morning. Is tossing and turning trying to find your sweet spot in bed to get comfy waking up your spouse? is it keep you up at night? Bellow I have 5 tips on how to overcome to discomfort and get the sleep you want!

Did you know that there are back stretches to help relieve lower back pain? I'm sure you did but did you also know that there are stretches that are out on the internet that are actually bad for you lower back, they might make you feel good in the moment but they are actually making matters worse by over stretching or by stretching the wrong way. One of the methods I will show you is stretching, but stretching the right way!

If stretching isn't for you and is something you have already tried, not to worry just go down to the second remedy for information on a different method.

1. So stretching. bellow I will show you 5 stretches that will help you relieve some of or all of your back pain, almost like magic but not quite!
Single athletic woman with blond hair in blue outfit on back stretching hamstring muscles while holding knee close to her chest

this stretch can actually be done in bed. To do this stretch your going to want to lay with your body as straight as possible and make sure you a relaxed. The next thing you will want to do is bring your leg up in a 90 degree form like the picture and place your hands at the knee and apply a gentle pressure and roll ever so slightly to the opposite side your stretching. Stop rolling once you start to slightly feel the tension release, and the repeat on the opposite side. Repeat up to 5 times if you wish!

Woman stretching in exercise room, indoors. Full length side view of fit girl in sportswear doing morning gymnastics

This stretch can also be done in bed and all you need to do is lay straight and flat on your stomach and then slowly exhale and push your torso off of the ground until you feel a release of pressure in your back. Repeat up to 5 times if you wish!

Another stretch you can easily do at home is to walk up to your kitchen counter or to you bathroom vanity and make sure your body is in front of the counter and the length of your torso is the same length as the distance between you and the counter/vanity. Slowly lean forward placing your arms on the counter/vanity so your semi slouched over, once you have done this then the next thing is to hold the position and take 1 to 2 steps back and then slowly rock your hips in the direction you feel relief! You can repeat this up to 5 times!

Cat, Cat Face, Sleep, Exhausted

2. Try to soothe the pain with cold or hot patches/pads- Sometimes these methods can work and sometimes they don't, it depends on the person and the severity of the back pain. For people who have sciatica issues, herniated disc, disc degeneration this most likely wont work and you will want to scroll down to the next steps for other opinions. For people who are having back pain from a work out or how you slept and its something you don't normally face than this could work for you. I know the idea of the heating pad sounds nice, and yes it does feel nice and help in some cases, the best thing to do is opt for the cold pad. People think that heat is the best thing but it is actually the opposite that works best for people! The cooling pads help with inflammation and reduce swelling and help you get back to normal. Cooling pads are pretty cheap and ice...well ice is free so who can complain about that...!

3. When you go to sleep what position are you in?- As crazy as it may sound making sure you have a healthy sleep position is something that plays a key role in whether you experience back pain or not. Sleeping on your stomach might be comfortable however it is probably the worst position to sleep in with a sore back especially if you have a soft (springy) bed. The best thing to do is try and practice sleeping on your back or at the very least on your side. The reason sleeping on your stomach is bad especially on a soft bed is because your body bends the opposite direction it is mean to bend. In other words your working against the mechanics instead of working with. This puts a lot of strain on your lower back and will cause you to have flare ups! Do your best to start sleeping on your back!

4. This will be opposite of the cold patches for your back but- sometimes a nice warm bath with Epsom salts or a hot shower with the water blasting on the area that hurts and gentle massaging can do a great deal of help. Not only does it relax your back muscles but it relaxes the rest of your body and allows you to be less tense when you get into bed!

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5. Natural Remedies- There are a lot of natural remedies out there for back pain and a lot of different exercises but maybe you don't want to take aspirin or be referred to a prescription by the doctors so what else can you do. Well there are a number of different popular methods that we will go over in a different post, and as far as natural remedies we will cover that in the next post on its own because there are a number of different ones but there is 1 very popular one among back pain victims and not only does it help your back feel better but it actually helps you with your sleep aswell! Stay tuned for the next post on back pain keeping you awake to find out more information on what can help you with back pain and let you get the sleep your deserve to wake up feeling refreshed, positive and ready to start your day!

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